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We love a challenge, so if you have an idea you need bringing to life or if you simply have a model that want printing then we can help! Simply email us a copy of your file or email us to discuss what it is you are trying to achieve to info@my3Dtwin.com and one of our representatives will respond to you as soon as possible.


We use photogrammetry, but have a number of scanners designed for different materials and objects.We are able to scan anything, but come and talk to us about your object and we will tell you what is the best solution for you.

CAD Services
We have a team of highly skilled CAD users familiar with a range of programmes and with a tonne of experience. If you have a problem you’re trying to solve, ask us! However if we can’t get it done within our team we will help you find someone else who can.

We here at my3Dtwin have a state of the art 3D printer which prints in full CMYK colour. The 3D Systems : ProJet 660. We use it to make our incredibly lifelike figurines of people and pets, but this high quality printer which uses a powder deposition, additive manufacturing method to create models with a level of detail to 100 microns. We often print models for other parties including, architects, engineers, rapid prototypers, product designers and artists.

We also have a PLA and ABS plastic extrusion printer which can print in a varied level of detail depending on your requirements and of course budget. Perfect for prototypes and smaller projects. For those of you not familiar with the technology these printers can only print an object in one solid colour at a time and only a pre set range of colours.

Simple email us at info@my3Dtwin.com with your requirements and questions to find out more.