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Entertainment and Events

Why not have our mobile scanning booth at your event!

We’ve all seen how much fun you can have in a photo booth but we have all seen it before. What if you could offer your clients and VIPs or even your hardworking team an opportunity to have that much fun but receive something state of the art and much more exciting.

All available with your branding and message added. Then after the event you can send all your guests their 3Dtwins as a thank you for attending, and it is also a good opportunity to open up a dialogue post event to keep your company fresh in their minds!

Corporate Gifts

What do you get for the man who has everything? I bet he doesn’t have one of these!

Are you looking for something different to your usual company pen or branded memory sticks? Whether it’s a conference gift or giveaway, a retirement gift, a leaving present, or a marketing giveaway, these 3Dtwins are something really special!

Perhaps it’s a 3Dtwin of themselves with a personal message from the team, or if it’s the opportunity to, despite leaving the company, take a full set of the team that they’ll miss so much, away with them in miniature.
You really cannot get more personalised or unique

Team Photo – Either as a gift for your employees or an exciting and eye catching centrepiece for your office foyer or latest exhibition, it really quickly and beautifully conveys the energy and warmth of your team with a modern and high tech twist!


Many companies are not always simply after their 3Dtwins as statues but are looking to use the incredibly high quality scan data for avatars for games and apps!

But this is not just for corporates, anyone can purchase their 3Dtwin data and pop your 3D self online or in your favourite game!


No matter how big or small your family is, here at my3Dtwin we are a family business and we love all families, in whatever form they come!

It can be so magical to capture your family at all stages of life and even as it grows! From that growing bump, to the bundle of joy, the terrible two’s, the naughty nine’s, the stroppy teens, to blossoming young adults and beyond!

Have your little cherubs and gorgeous parents with you no matter where you are in the world.

Or maybe you’re looking for a mother’s or father’s day gift? You cannot get a more personal or heartfelt gift.

But what about your furry little friend? Well even they can be involved. Dogs and cats are no problem… well… the well behaved ones at least! But we will always try. Simply make a note of this on your booking and one of our representatives will contact you prior to your appointment.

Your pet will need to stand, sit or lie, roughly two metres from you, but if they can’t be tempted (or bribed) to do this, you can always hold them in your arms or ask that they lie at your feet. We will always try our very best to make it work, but please be aware, they say never to work with animals or children, and it’s not always possible.