How Does It Work


You can select and manage your appointment with our online booking system. You do not need to decide on the size now. Just visit our studio to check our samples in person.


Photogrammetry based 3D scanning works by using 64 powerful DSLR cameras, which all take your photograph at the same time from almost all possible angles. It is super fast and ideal for young kids and pets as it is virtually instantaneous. You can have fun helping your friends or family members select out their poses.


The magic happens here, with our wonderfully talented tech team, we stitch together all 64 images to create your 3D digital model, ready for 3D printing.
It is at this stage we can do any aesthetic changes – For example, we can alter the colour of clothing, make additions or removals, add branding.
Please be aware that editing may incur a fee, please speak to one of our representatives about all the possibilities and associated pricing.


There are many different 3D printers available nowadays, but only the 3D Systems ProJet Series can 3D print in full CMYK colour range, which for those of you who do not know the jargon, means in every single colour imaginable for the most detailed and realistic results.
It works almost exactly like a 2D Inkjet printer. Except instead of printing on sheets of paper, the colour prints on hundreds of layers of powder. Once completed we extract the statuettes from within the block of powder. Clean and finish with resin and your 3Dtwin is ready!


You can pick your order up at the store free of charge, or we can safely ship it anywhere you desire in the world!


3D Experience