Levavo was founded by two brothers who wanted to change the way we preserve our dearest memories.

In the summer of 2011, they began toying with 3D scanning, not having the faintest idea it would take them to the industry leading level they are today.

After many months of tinkering and experimenting in their garage, they started to build their first photogrammetry rig right in the middle of the living room floor!

Using only 28 DSLR cameras initially, they were only able to capture a limited quality, but it was enough to fuel the passion that they still have today. They went back to the drawing board to further develop their technique.

Once the scanner moved from being a prototype to a fully fledged photogrammetric studio, the next step was to develop the proprietary software they needed to bring these 2D pictures into a high-quality 3D model. After countless sleepless nights in development, the concept became a reality.

All that was left was to bring the digital 3D model into the physical world. After months of research and testing, they found the right printer for the job. 3D Systems state of the art ProJet 660Pro.

Cadventure believed in the concept and wanted to help them get off the ground. Excited by the possibilities of the technology they agreed to print their first prototypes. It was magical how lifelike they were even at that stage. This was the day, in June of 2013 that my3Dtwin was born.

We now have our very own state of the art Photogrammic studio in the heart of London. Complete with 64 high-resolution DSLR cameras and 24 softboxes, we manage all stages of development and production in this space. We are continually improving and developing the detail and photorealistic quality of the statutes. Join us on our mission to capture the moments that matter.