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We love making you guys wonderful 3Dtwins of yourselves or your loved ones!

The company was started by two Polish brothers who wanted to work for themselves and to put their various technological skills to good use.

So in the summer of 2011 it began: In the early days they toyed with many ideas but always maintained they wanted to create something new and innovative using the most up to date technology available.

After many months experimenting and tinkering away in the garage, they started to build their first photogrammic scanning rig right in the middle of the living room floor!

Using only 28 DSLR cameras initially they were only able to capture shape and texture of an object but with no colour. So they went back to the drawing board to develop their technique so that they could also capture the subject in full colour.

Now they had the scanner and had put many sleepless nights into developing the programming that could turn 2D photos into 3D data, they just needed some way to print them. They needed something that could realise all their work. Luckily they came across Cadventure Ltd. and their 3D Systems ProJet printers.

Cadventure believed in the concept and wanted to help them get off the ground. Excited by the possibilities of the technology they agreed to print their first prototypes. It was magical how lifelike they were even at that stage. In June of 2013, my3Dtwin was born!

We now have our very own ProJet 660 Printer, state of the art Photogrammic rig with 64 cameras, and manage all stages of development and production in our Liverpool Street Studio. We are continually improving and developing the detail and photorealistic quality of the figurines, and are only proud of the highest quality final product!