Before Your Appointment

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment!

At the studio, we have allocated time slots for your appointment so please arrive 10 minutes before to allow time to relax and change if necessary.
While scanning takes only a split second, please allow for approximately 15 minutes of time so we can talk you through the process and make sure you are satisfied with the result.

What size can I get?

Due to the downscaling, little details on our small statuettes can be very delicate and may be hard to print. It includes sensitive parts like fingers pointed in the air, an arm away from the body or a prop such as a musical instrument. These may break when printed on the smallest figurine so we would advise going up a size in some circumstances.

Bringing your pet?

We love animals and can’t wait to see your little (or big) furry or feathered friend! For the process to be successful, the subject must be able to sit still for at least a few seconds.

It is advisable to bring your pet’s favourite treat to help them stay in one place for a moment. We are all animal lovers and will try to help keep them calm and content while at our studio.

What can I wear?

Our Photographic process scans surface details, so the more it can see, the better the quality! However, some fabrics and colours work better than others. We have found that subjects dressed in bright colours and patterned clothing create the most beautiful 3Dtwins. Denim and cotton fabrics are always a safe bet and come out looking fantastic.
Please avoid shiny or transparent materials as they can confuse the system.

What should I avoid?

Shiny materials such as silk or high polished leather on a large scale. Shoes and accessories are OK.
Transparent or see-through materials such as tights.
Accessories like bags or backpacks that you can easily carry yourself are welcome so feel free to bring along your kids favourite toy!