The story of My3Dtwin

Like most creative endeavours, the story of My3Dtwin was set off with a spark. Two brothers setting off to create something unique and special by putting their uncanny skills with technology to good use – this is how this story begins.


Summer 2011 was when they took to brainstorming ideas on what they wanted to do. They knew they wanted to create something new, innovative, and utilising the latest technology. Many months were spent tinkering in their garage, but it was their living room that became their workshop for their first photogrammic scanning rig. The journey to My3DTwin has begun.


The scanner was ready. A tool that allowed them to turn 2D photographs into 3D data could only get them so far, however. With no way to print those images, they needed a device that would help give their models form. Their search for a solution was fruitful – with the help of Cadventure Ltd. and their 3D Systems Projet printers, the figures could finally be brought to life.


With the help of Cadventure, the brothers could finally get their project off the ground. Their first prototypes came out much better than expected, with a level of detail that made the figures lifelike. Seeing their hard work finally bear fruit, they set out to keep making progress and deliver their product to as many clients as they could. And so, in June 2013, My3Dtwin was officially born!


With a professional Projet 660 Printer, a state-of-the-art 64-camera Photogrammic rig, and total control of all stages of the development and production of 3Dtwins in their Liverpool Street Studio, My3Dtwin has become a reliable company offering a high-quality, cutting-edge product. They’ve made it their goal to always aim for the most photorealistic quality possible. There’s no way but forward!

This is how the magic happens


So you wonder how it works?


We photograph you in our magic studio. You can come over to us, or we can come to you. The photo shoot only takes a second.


A week later, you’ll receive an email with your 3D model for you to view.


After two weeks, you’ll receive your unique figurine!

Thanks to advances in 3D printing technology, figurines like the ones we have on offer are now cheaper than ever. Take a look our prices and find out just how affordable our service is!

People about us

Jack Sims visiting My3Dtwin studio in London

Jack Sims visits the My3Dtwin studio and sees the whole process first-hand!

Graduation figurines for University of East London

My3Dtwin is the perfect gift for graduation - see how simple it is!

3D printed bodypainting by Mr Shiz

Watch Mr Shiz elevate My3Dtwin to an art form with this amazing body paint piece!

London City Orchestra 3D printed

The MIM's 3-D Orchestra exhibit never fails to impress - see how it was made!

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