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Need a desk ornament that’s as original and unique as you are? Looking for a gift that’s one-of-a-kind? Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun, innovative little gadget that is bound to serve as a great conversation starter? With your own 3Dtwin, all of that is within your reach! Now you can feel like you’re living in the future, thanks to our incredible technology allowing us to recreate your likeness as a detailed, life-like figurine!

How does it work?

  • Call us to make an appointment,
  • Come visit us at the scheduled date, and we’ll scan your whole body using our 64 powerful DSLR cameras,
  • Our incredible tech team then transforms the 64 2D images into one 3D avatar!
  • After the avatar is ready, we use 3D printers to create the figurine in full colour!
  • Your 3Dtwin is ready to be picked up – you can do so in person, free of charge, or have it shipped anywhere in the world!

What are you waiting for, then? Get your own 3Dtwin today and explore all the joys of future technology! This miniature copy of you or your friend will be the perfect decoration or gift regardless of the occasion!

Wedding gifts

Make your wedding day even more unforgettable and keep reliving it through your own wedding day 3Dtwins!

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Graduation gifts

Celebrate the end of your education with a one-of-a-kind gift – your own likeness in full 3D!

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Corporate gifts

Make your employees and clients feel at home with your company by giving them a personalised gift!

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My3Dtwin video – production

It might look like magic, but 3D printing is actually a very exact science. Take a look at how we make these miniature versions of people come to life using our incredible technology. It’s a lengthy process that requires patience, precision, and a touch of humanity to really make the 3Dtwins feel lifelike.

Our top selling gifts

So you’re thinking of getting a 3Dtwin? Take a look at our offer! You’ll find a number of options to suit your needs. Whether you want something petite or a little bigger, something for yourself or for your best friend on their wedding day, we can guarantee that you’ll find just the solution you’re looking for!

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