Things3D, Cumberland Hotel, London, 2-9 December 2014

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For one week our studio was the main attraction at the Cumberland Hotel, London. All the guests had a chance to scan themselves and they jumped at the opportunity. We sent figurines all over the world.  

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The 27th East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC)

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Taipei International Convention Centre, Taiwan, 3 November 2014 The Monte Carlo event was a great success and so Swiss Re invited us to work with them again. This time, we visited beautiful and exotic Taipei. Much to admire but also much to work on. Many figurines were sent to Taiwan.

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3D Printshow, Paris, 17-18 October 2014

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3D Printshow is the most important event in the 3D industry. Of course, we coulnd’t miss it. Our studio was very popular with the participants. You could tell judging by a long queue for scannning. We sent hundreds of figurines all over the world.

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3D Figure of Carl Angelo, 16 October 2014

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Carl Angelo, a Swedish artist, decided to show the world his best weapon. The figurine is stunning. See it for yourselves: PLEASE NOTE: Adult Material 18+

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Destination Star Trek London, 3-5 October 2014

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Everyone knows Star Trek and the Star Trek Universe goes way beyond the cinema screen. Small wonder, Destination Start Trek 2014 attracted crowds of fans. We were there, too, scanning fans as well as actors. Everyone had a chance to get their very own figurine in a movie costume. Doesn't it sound awesome?

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Wedding Fair, London, 20-21 September 2014

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Beautiful models wearing wedding dresses, suits and tailcoats. Our studio was one of the biggest attractions at the Wedding Fair at ExCel, London. We offered a completely innovative way to try on wedding outfits. Thanks to the figurines by My3Dtwin everyone had a chance to see how exactly they would look on their special day. [...]

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Swiss Re Media Conference, Monte Carlo, 15-16 September 2014

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We were invited to Monte Carlo by Swiss Re. We must admit that our studio looked perfect on the coastline. Check it yourselves:

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Bodypainting by @Mr1Shiz

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I was asked by my3Dtwin to come up with an original Graffiti Bodypainting piece for them. The first thing I thought was WOW! So after sketching an outline, I got in touch with Estrany a professional model based in London who jumped at the idea. So on a Sunday morning we all met and did [...]

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3D Printshow London 4-6 September 2014

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We invite you to the spectacular 3D Printshow. It’s a fantastic event for everyone who is interested in the latest achievements in 3D Printing. If you want to meet your 3Dtwin just come by  – we will be there with our pop up scanning booth! Here is the video from the 3D Printshow 2013 in London : […]

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Marvel’s After Party with Figurines, London

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A day after the London premiere of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy", we scanned Marvel's and Disney's special guests. Our studio was set up at the Corinthia Hotel. It was cosy yet with worldwide feel. Watch the video from the London premiere: Guess which special guests we turned into 3D figurines! :)  

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