Toyota Aygo Launch – Go fun yourself with my3Dtwin

Posted: 23 June 2014-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Events-Tags: 3d printing on events, unique gift ideas

On the 9th of July my3Dtwin team became a part of Toyota & Lexus Fleet Services Exclusive Aygo Launch. If a car had a personality, Toyota Aygo would have been an innovative, sometimes surprising, young individual. So was the celebration. It definitely made our hearts race.
The event was a pretty amazing ride and we loved participating in something that exciting. It took place in a sophisticated, yet modern space of Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Milton Keynes. Customers from the entire country along with special guests were scanned in our 3D booth to create their my3Dtwin figurines fitting perfectly with the outstanding personalisation features of the new car. It is said to be a perfect choice for active, dynamic people offering perfect attention to detail.
We don’t know what was attracting our attention more – a spectacular laser show, an amusingly bizarre team of “coneheads”, “nudes” or the group of mesmerizing Brazilian dancers and singers. All of the pieces created an exquisite day to remember. My3Dtwin will surely do.

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