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It seems that the world of fashion can’t get enough of my3Dtwin. Just recently Topman UK asked us to take part in their amazing show during London Collections: Men. It has taken place on 15, 16 & 17 of June in the epicentre of London and was facilitated by 3D Printshow ( Of course we couldn’t say no. It was an incredible honour to become a part of such a creative and original idea and co-work with one of the most talk-about global fashion brands like Topman UK on their exclusive show.

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How did my3Dtwin play it this time?

As you know – in the beginning there was a booth. That’s the source of the entire 3d printing process. We set up a 3Dscanning pop-up booth next to Topman’s impressive catwalk. Models presenting Spring/Summer 2015 collection were scanned seconds before entering the stage where the audience was expecting them. And who was the audience? It was crème de la crème of world’s most famous and respected fashion designers, photographers and journalists.
What happened next? Pure magic! Well, maybe with a little help of our cutting-edge technology. We processed and converted scans into 3Dprintable files – we made the figurines come to life wearing fabulous Spring/Summer 2015 Topman collection. We know that fashion is all about details. That is the reason our figurines are life-like in terms of colours and fabric texture.
Probably now you just want to have a look at these wonders yourself. You can admire the collection (and our work, too) here –
Our lovely friend Faith Robinson who is Content Curator for 3D Printshow was also excited. Check her post here ->

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